Ffastpay Pricing

What is Ffastpay’s pricing?

Ffastpay transaction rates vary by account and industry. There are no setup fees or annual fees.

For mainstream businesses, we charge a flat rate of 1.99% fee per overseas transaction and 0.6% fee per local transaction. For high-risk businesses, these rates vary and are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Conversion Rates for Cross-Border Transactions

We use live mid-market conversion rates from xe.com, and these rates are refreshed every hour. We use these latest rates to compute the amount paid by the customer and paid to the merchant.

  • Conversion rates from merchant currency to customer currency are determined at the time of payment, and the converted amount is automatically shown to the customer when they make payment.
  • Conversion rates from the customer currency to the payout (settlement) currency, are determined at the time of payout. 

Payout (Settlement) Fees

We do not charge any fees for other payouts (settlement) requested in currencies within our network.

However, for payouts (settlement) requested in currencies outside our network, we use SWIFT or SEPA to make the transfer. In this case, you could be charged additional fees which are a sum of the fees charged by each of the intermediary banks involved in the transaction. 

We charge a small payout (settlement) fee for merchants that opt for payment in USDT.